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Training Classes and Schedule

Training Classes *

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Beginners (Novice)

Getting your dog started in Obedience. Teaching the handler how to handle their dog.  How and when to praise and finding yourself in alpha position to your dog. Dog Classes/Schedule in Loveland located below under Dog Training Schedule (dog training classes) offered by Cincinnati Canine Companion Center in Loveland. 

Intermediate (Novice)

Teaching more complex handling techniques, ingraining more heeling exercises and working more away from your dog.

Advanced (Novice)

Developing more off lead training, sits and downs away from your dog, drop on recall and recall over jumps.


Off leash healing, distance drop on recalls, retrieving on the flat and over jumps.  Sits and downs out of sight.


The third and highest level of Obedience  with scent discrimination, directed retrieve, directed jumping and more.


A dog learns to follow cues from the handler through an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, weave poles, dog walk, teeter totter, "A" frame and other objects.  Go to our video page and watch Scott and Angus (standard Poodle) jumping 24" jumps and complex handling.


Advanced Agility

 Advanced Agility with stand, stay and proofing!

No photoshop - just good training.


Puppy Class

Developing positive behavior, learning more about directing the puppy into adult hood and discouraging bad habits.  Letting dogs interact and socialize.

Fly Ball

Dog runs down a lane of four hurdles, retrieves a tennis ball from a special spring board box, runs back to the start over the hurdles.

Dock Diving

Dog races down a dock then fly off the end and into the water. Distance is the goal


CCCC Schedule Winter 2019 (pdf)