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Customer Testimonials





Customer testimonials -Cincinnati Canine Companion Center in Loveland.


Dr. Diane Cummins, D.V.M, Loveland Animal Hospital, Loveland, OH 45140

I started training with Cincinnati Canine Center when my first Shetland Sheep dog, Boomer, was only 4 years old.  After 9 years, I have trained many dogs through this training center, including Jack Russell terriers, Dobermans, Welsh Corgis and other Shelties.

I have trained in obedience, agility, flyball, conformation, and even a class in tracking.  Once you have obedience trained dogs, it is difficult to think about living with a dog that is not obedience trained.

Training is also rewarding in that it helps to foster a stronger bond with your dog, as well as providing an excellent outlet for their energy.  It also gives you many opportunities to enjoy yours dog through showing-whether in conformation, obedience, agility or any of the various activities available everywhere.

I have trained under both instructors through numerous classes, and I feel that the instruction that they have provided oer the years has made me a very good handler by helping me to understand my dogs as thoroughly as possible.  I am sure that since I have many dogs, I will be training here for a long time to come

(A Veterinarian/Owner/Handler of "Rikki", a Jack Russell)

Angela M. Hudson, RVT

Hi my name is Angie Hudso.  I am a registered veterinary technician.  I have personally trained three of my dogs with both Mary Jo and Vince at Cincinnati Canine Companion Center and I could not be more pleased.  I have trained a German Shepherd and a mix who were very easy to train.  As well, as a bullheaded chow did not want any part of training.  Everything worked out and I have a wonderful group of dogs now thanks to Cincinnati Canine Companion Center.

The trainers tell you where you or your dog needs help and will show you how to do things correctly.  I have know people who have tried the "clicker" and all positive reinforcement training.  I myself have tried the all positive reinforcement training and to tell you the truth it was not as effective as the training you are taught at Cincinnati Canine Companion Center.  I am a firm believer in their methods of training.

For example, one day my 6 year old German Shepherd mix began trotting off toward the street.  Just before he reached the street I yelled loudly "down", he turned his head and casually laid down.  Had he been "clicker" trained I would have to run into the house an find the clicker than go back outside by which time my dog would have been hit by a car.  Unfortunately for my dog though he had to spend the following hour and a half on his "downs" to improve his response time for casually laying down.

I feel that any dog, no matter how "bad" it is could go through Cincinnati Canine Companion Center and become an exceptional dog.   I have seen dogs come into training and end up with multiple owners because people think that training is easy.  The dogs will go  into class see how well the other dogs are and follow their lead.  Dog training just as anything else you do in life and want great results takes time and a good teacher.  You will learn what it takes to make your dog exceptional, but it is what you and your dog put into it is what you will get out.

I have and will continue to recommend Cincinnati Canine Companion Center to anyone who wants a better relationship with their dog.

(A Registered Veterinarian Technician and Owner/Handler of "Max", a German Shepherd)

Mary Crisp, Reading, Ohio

I was first introduced to Cincinnati Canine Companion Center by a coworker.  I had done some dog training in the past with another organization and was not particularly thrilled at the results.  I had often told people I planned to go to one 8-week session.  That was over 8+ years ago.

We have trained five dogs to date:  Tori and Xenia (both German Shepherds), Star (Sheltie), Pennywinkle (Pomeranian) and JC (Pomeranian, now deceased).  JC was 8 years old when she started training.  So you can teach an old dog a new trick.  Her first fun match she took high in trial (non-regular class).  Ours dogs have been or are currently training in Obedience, Agility, Fly ball, Frisbee and even Silly Pet Tricks.  Tori is also titled as TDI (Therapy Dog International).  Tori, Xenia, Penny and JC have CD (Companion Dog) titles, and I am currently working on Open titles.  Star is our granddaughter's dog and she plans to show her.

I enjoy the facility and people who visit and work their dogs at Cincinnati Canine Companion Center.  Whether you just want some basic dog obedience training or dare to go on and show your dog in competitive events, Cincinnati Canine Companion Center is the place to go.